Bible/Mind - Naturalism/Body

By Nevin M. Ranck

The Bible, God's Word Is to the Mind and Soul
What the Laws of Naturalism Are to the Physical Body

Man has the uncanny ability to deceive himself into thinking that the mind can be immune from negative input.  If he make a conscious effort to embrace negative input, he deceives himself into believing that it is OK.  Why, because he has chosen to embrace the negative input; therefore to him it is positive.  This is why man  rejects God's directive for holiness.  Man refuses to believe and therefore can not see.

In the naturalist environment the consequences of negative input eventually occur, and sometimes it is immediate and obvious.  Because of the relative quick cause and effect relationship, man does not usually try convince himself that the negative is OK.  Therefore by default he acquiesces to the laws of nature.

For the naturalist the operative is - Seeing is Believing.
For the spiritual man the operative is - Believing is Seeing.