By:  Charles Swindoll

An old Marine Corps buddy of mine, to my pleasant surprise, came to know Christ after he was discharged.  I say surprise because he cursed loudly, fought hard, chased women, drank heavily, loved war and weapons, and hated chapel services.

A number of months ago, I ran into this fellow, and after we'd talked awhile, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "You know, Chuck, the only thing I still miss is that old fellowship I used to have with all the guys down at the tavern.  I remember how we used to sit around and laugh and drink a pitcher of beer and tell stories and let our hair down.  I can't find anything like that for Christians.  I no longer have a place to admit my faults and talk about my battles-where somebody won't preach at me and frown and quote me a verse."

It wasn't one month later that in my reading I came across this profound paragraph:  "The neighborhood bar is possibly the best counterfeit that there is to the fellowship Christ wants to give his church.  It's an imitation, dispensing liquor instead of grace, escape rather than reality - but it is a permissive, accepting and inclusive fellowship.  It is unshockable.  It is democratic. You can tell people secrets, and they usually don't tell others or even want to.  The bar flourishes not because most people are alcoholics, but because God has put into the human heart the desire to know and be known, to love and be loved, and so many seek a counterfeit at the price of a few beers." -Charles Swindoll

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