The Dragon Christmas

What puts you in the Christmas spirit?  Today we look at the contrast between what man saw and what heaven saw.  It is like the contrast between the upper and lower story.  Man saw story from the perspective of the senses.  God saw the it from the perspective of eternity.


The Lower Story

The Upper Story

We see the birth of Jesus in a manager at Bethlehem.

God saw "in the fullness of time."

We see the birth of a Savior.

God saw what we might call D-Day

Thus we have the battle between good and evil

We see Herod trying to kill the Christ child

God saw Satan working through Herod

We see Joseph Mary and Jesus going to Egypt

God was providing protection


The battle continues.  Things are more than they seem.  The fight is against the World - the Flesh - and the Devil.  We may not be able to see the Angels or the Devil but we know they are there.

***For those who remain faithful the victory is assured.***