Evil and Good Clash

  • Are you a Barnabas?  The name Barnabas is often associated with the term encourager.  We to should be good at encouraging.

  • Paul was determined to share the good news with his own first in the temple and then to as many others as he could.

  • Paul preached and lived the gospel to all.

  • Do we share and live the gospel to all?

The seven questions:

  1. After God pursued Paul, what was his passion and mission in life?

  2. What is your passion and mission in life?

  3. Why did he reach out first at the Jewish Synagogue? 

  4. How would you define the gospel?

  5. What impact has the gospel had on your life?

  6. What would have happened to Christianity if the Jewish believers who insisted that gentiles become Jews prevailed?

  7. What does Paul's letter to the Romans reveal to us about salvation?

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