The Lord is My Sheppard

The Lord as Sheppard or father of his people points to similarities between humans and sheep.  Like sheep we need a Sheppard.   Like sheep we tend to stray; 'all we like sheep have gone astray'.  Yet our gracious Lord continues to provide and abide with us throughout our lives.

understanding the Psalms:

  • The Psalms are written in the language of the human spirit - deeply emotional.

  • There are no chapters in the original.  They are books of songs.  The five books of songs would be:

    (1-41) (42-72) (73-89) (90-106) (107-150)
  • Several of the many types of Psalms:

    1.  Royal Psalms - God is King        2.  Zion Psalms - refer to Jerusalem
    3.  Penitential Psalms - confession of sins       4.  Wisdom Psalms - teaching and principles
    5.  Joyful Psalms - make a joyful noise 6. Praise Psalms - exalt God


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