The Problem of Sin

The sin nature is ours.  We inherited it.  We are not sinners because we sin.  We sin because we are sinners; everyone of us.  This sin nature is a curse and Jesus came to reverse this curse.  


  1. How did we get in this (sin) mess?

  2. Why do we keep on doing things we should not do?

  3. Where did sin come from?

  4. What does God want of us?

  5. Where are we going?

The story of sin starts in the Eden.  In Genesis 2:15-17 they were told not to eat.  Eve's response in Genesis 3:1-7 was to eat or touch.  Her addition of not touching demonstrates a spirit of legalism where we add something to keep us from being disobedience.  This concept legalism is not effective way to deal with sin.

Psalms 32 deals with a sequence:  sin, quilt, confession, mercy, forgiveness, and rejoicing.

Lessons from Matthew 5 and the temptations Jesus experienced:

  1. The first temptation was of the flesh or physical.  It was not about cutting the temptation short, since it was over, it was about how it would end.  The statement "if you are the Son of God" is probably better understood as since you are the Son of God.  Satan'  temptation was for Jesus to use his power for self.  Jesus quoted scripture and replied, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."  

  2. The second temptation was again about self, pride, or to be a show-off when Satan tempted him to cast yourself down. He was being asked to take a short-cut.  Again, Jesus quotes scripture that "You shall not put the Lord you God to the test."  Don't presume or attempt to abuse God's power.  That is a disaster in the making.  Cults, like Satan, misapply scriptures for selfishness.  Remember, we have a spiritual weapon, the sword of the spirit for discernment.

  3. The third temptation was again about self  It was a temptation to take a short cut to the kingdom by taking a detour and avoiding the cross.  This temptation is clear, Satan wanted Jesus to worship him.  It would have left Jesus indebted to Satan.  For the third time Jesus quotes scripture:  "You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve."  

By one man, Adam, we came to universal ruin, but by one man Christ, we receive blessing.  God's grace is much greater for good than Adam's sin was for evil.  THIS IS A VICTORY THAT CAN BE OURS TODAY.


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