Mothers of Faith

Characteristics of Mothers of Faith from II Kings 4 and Matthew 15, most from II Kings.

  • hospitality - invited Elisha for a meal - did it regularly

  • discerning - observed that Elisha was a man of God

  • encouraged - asked her husband to provide a room

  • content - declined a favor when offered - Elisha then told her she would have a boy child in a year

  • suffered in silence - did not continually complain about being barren

  • healer - when her son became ill in the field the fathers instructions were to take him to his mother

  • faith - went to man of God when son her died - hoped that her child would be returned
              Elisha's approach to restoring the child's life was the same as Elijah's

  • respect - did not criticize her husband

  • sympathy - the Canaanite Woman hurt when her child was hurting by oppression of a demon

  • humility - did not become defensive in the face of offence

  • intercession - sought help for her daughter

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