Jesus Is Our All-Sufficient

We live in a world with an increasing inverted mind regarding the truths of the Bible.  Man's basic problem is sin.  The cure is Jesus.  He provides righteousness (remission of sin), sanctification (holiness is reckoned to us), and redemption (redeemed from death).

  • Evidences of the Sin Problem:

    • The Bible is no longer an authority in nation and unfortunately in some churches.

    • The battle between evolution and creation in part boils down to are we really accountable to anyone.

    • Children are elevated over parents.

    • Reliance on modern medicine and psychology to fix problems that are the result of the sin nature.  we use drugs as the new form of restraint.  Note:  we're not talking about physiological / medical issues.

    • The mind is inverted.  Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right, etc.

  •   The cure:

    • To accept the Bible, God's Word as truth.

    • To accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of our life.

  • The results:

    • God begins a great work in you; a transformed life.

    • He provides righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

    • Your life becomes a witness as glory in the Lord.

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