Lord's Supper

Basics of our beliefs series.  In many ways the Lord's supper is a memorial service.  There is both a vertical and a horizontal relationship present.  Vertical, in that we are remembering our Lord and what salvation cost.  Horizontal in the bond of fellowship of like minded believers.

  • There is much symbolism in the bread and the cup representing the broken body and the shed blood of our Savior and Lord.

    • Like his body, the grain must be broken (crushed) for the making of bread.

    • In like manner, the grapes must are crushed so that the juice flows out.

    • Eating and drinking requires an appetite.  Likewise, partaking of the bread and cup should represent not only a recognition of his suffering but an identification with him as our Lord and Savior.

  • I have often thought about the fact that the first thing we do when we partake of the bread is to crush it between our teeth.

  • We also remember the admonition for foot washing; John 13:1-17 - verse 17 If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.

A beautiful Hymn about foot washing titled Hebron.  Click to follow link


Lancaster Conference Mennonite Churches use the 1995 Mennonite Confession of Faith.
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