Who is the Holy Spirit

Basics of our beliefs series.  The Holy Spirit is here to give glory to God - to be Jesus in us.  The holy spirit is just that a spirit.  Although he can not be seen like Jesus was, he is a person.  He is not an it.  Romans 8:9, without the Holy Spirit a person does not belong to Christ.

  • The Holy Spirit give glory to Jesus because the Spirit makes know is from Jesus - John 16:14

  • The Spirit has been around forever.

  • We have the Spirit present at creation - Genesis 1:2

  • The Spirit gives gifts to skilled workers the ark of the covenant and items - Exodus 31:1-11

  • He can be everywhere - Psalms 139:7

  • He will prove the world wrong about sin, which is unbelief; of Judgment, and guide you into all truth - John 16:7-15

  • He can be grieved - Ephesians 4:30

  • We are to live according to the Spirit as opposed to living according to the flesh.
    To live according to the Spirit is life but to live according to the flesh is death - Romans 8:5-17

  • He gives Spiritual Gifts and brings unity to the body of Christ - I Corinthians 12

  • He produces fruit; the fruit of the Holy Spirit - Galatians 5:22

Does the Spirit have all of you?


Holy Spirit is a person.  Select Link ->  How do we know the Holy Spirit is a person?