Invitations of God (Part 1)

Romans 10:8-13, Revelations 3:14-22

There is a priority to God's invitations.  Some of God's invitations can be realized at once, others require waiting.  Most of God's invitations are best understood when there is help available to understand and comprehend the invitation.

  • Examples of priorities.  Salvation needs to come first and confessing and believing results in salvation.  The invitation to love your neighbor is not a once and done act.  It is ongoing and growing.

  • When God nudges' you in a direction it requires you to first hear and then respond.  The responding however may require additional listening and time for growth and perception.

  • Invitations that represent growth often happen in the context of sharing with other believers.  Such invitations are often involve spiritual perception and knowledge.  Spiritual perception and knowledge are cumulative in growth. 

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