Conduct of Leaders - Believers

I Thessalonians 2:7-3:5 & 5:12-22

The behavior and conduct of church leaders should be an example to believers so that all may live a life in attitude and actions that are pleasing to the Lord.  Our passion should be for the good of others.  Sometimes it is gentleness, at others times it is protection; always with love.

  • Respect for leaders comes from an intimate knowledge of what they are trying to do.

  • When conflicts arise they should be faced until they are resolved. Face them early rather than let them fester. 

  • We should be encouragers.  We know what it is to need/have needed encouragement.  Encouragement is often more powerful than criticism.

  • Prayer should be an essential part of our daily life.  Sometimes it is time set aside for with a single task.  At other times it is a multi-tasking activity where we are open to the leading of the Spirit while doing daily or routine activities.

  • The Holy Spirit will be a fire in our life.  Do NOT quench or douse the Spirit.  

  • Exercise discernment in everything.  Clasp to that which is beautiful and jettison that which is detestable.

  • Avoid the twin ditches of legalism and individualism.

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