Mission Work in Mexico

Acts 8:26-38

The Garcias are currently sharing in street ministry in Morella Mexico.  They are of a group known as the Lampei. Upon returning to Mexico they are also planning to plant a church.

David brought the Sunday Morning Message interpreted by his wife Dawnell.  Listed are some highlights that are characteristics of believers who are true servants in ministry.

  • They need to be people who are holy.  If we can't live in holiness God won't use us.

  • Like deacons they must have a good testimony.  God's standard are higher for servants.

  • God uses hearts that are willing and lives controlled by the Holy Spirit.
    Do not trust in your own heart or riches or whatever.  We have a jealous God.

  • You must deny self.  This gives evidence of real change.  As a result we begin acting like Christ.

  • The scripture from I Corinthians 13 on love compels us to share the good news.

  • We must be willing to obey.

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