Be Ye Reconciled

 Matthew 18:21-35, II Corinthians 5:18, I Corinthians 1:23-34

There is the need to examine ourselves before taking communion.  In the Matthew account the first servant did not accept forgiveness.  That is why he was not able to forgive.  Because Christ reconciled himself to us we to must likewise exercise the ministry of reconciliation.

We need to appreciate what Christ did for us because our situation before God was hopeless.  It was worse than the first servant in Matthew 18.  The way we forgive reflect our understanding of what God did for us.  Reminds me of the saying; the measure with which you measure is the measure that will be measured unto you.

Communion is no time for casual attitudes.  We must let God's Spirit shine on us.  Casual attitudes often leads to a failure to recognize brothers and sisters as part of the body of Christ.


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