Jesus Christ - Eternal

John 1:1-18

The book of John starts with "in the beginning" just like the book of Genesis.  All three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were in creation.  Jesus is not only like a ray of light from eternity past to eternity future, He is the light of the world. He is that light which John the Baptist bore witness to.

The story of the vineyard in Matthew, Mark, and Luke has many parallels to the Gospel of John where Jesus, who was with God at creation is the light of the world.  He came to this earth (incarnation) to redeem mankind, yet was rejected.  Yes he was killed, like the son in the vineyard story.  Those who receive the Son of God, Jesus, will spend eternity with Him in heaven.  Those who reject the Son, will be punished as in the story of the vineyard.  Those who reject Jesus will spend an eternity in hell.

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