Servant and Savior - Unlikely Combination

John 3:14-21 & 12:20-36

The message of Lent is the anticipation of Easter.  Jesus identifies with the serpent in Numbers 21.  What it foreshadowed was not attractive.  It does however mirror the ugliness of sin.  His mission was a once and done cure for the ugliness of sin.  It was not a vaccine.

Thoughts to ponder:

  • Have we become somewhat dulled to John 3:16

  • In Revelations 13:18 we are encouraged to buy, that is action on our part.

  • It was God's only son.

  • He came because of his love for every human being; everyone in the world.

  • He came to save not condemn.

  • Salvation is available to all.

  • Our faith in him brings us eternal life.

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