Passion Week

Luke 19:28-44,  John 12:20-36,  Daniel 9:24

A prediction of things to come is given in Daniel 9.  On Jesus' triumphal entry he wept and said if only you knew.  How true that is even today of the lost.  One of the clear characteristics of Jesus is his humanness.  His soul being troubled at the hour to come; the crucifixion.

Timeline of the week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday; sometimes referred to as Holy Week:

  • Sunday - Triumphal Entry

  • Monday - Jesus clears the temple

  • Tuesday - Was challenged by the religious leaders at the temple

  • Wednesday - Quiet day

  • Thursday - Eats the Passover Meal - the Last Supper

  • Friday - Good Friday - The trial, crucifixion, death, and burial

  • Saturday - In the tomb

  • Sunday - R E S S U R R E C T I O N

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