Part 1 - Ascension Day
Part 2 - Mother's Day  

 Acts 1:1-11

This past Thursday was Ascension Day.  Christ ascension points to his return.  If he left and will return where did he go?  It points to the reality of heaven.  The ascension ended Jesus' earthy ministry on earth and initiated the age of the church.

Mothers:  "An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.  A Spanish Proverb

Today's Mother Day message focus on Eunice the mother of Timothy.  Timothy's mother and grandmother Lois were very instrumental in his coming to faith.  They were a trustworthy source of training."

  • A Godly Mother teacher her children to value the Bible.
  • A Godly Mother instills an "Authentic Faith" in her children.
  • A Godly Mother is not perfect.
  • A Godly Mother instills in her children the idea to serve.

Taught - Model - Servant - Release

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