Pillars of Faith (Part 1 of 5)

II Timothy 1:6-14, II Timothy 3:10-17II Peter 1:19-21, II Peter 3:15-16

Today we look at the first of 5 pillars of faith that come out of the reformation.  The first is Sola Scriptura, by Scripture aloneII Timothy 3:16 clearly states that the scripture were inspired by God.  II Peter 1:19-21 further clarifies the the process.

Additional Comments:

  • The consistence of scripture is the result of all of it being directed by God through the spirit.

  • In II Peter 3:15-16 the apostle Peter refers to the writings of Paul of scripture even though he acknowledged that some of what Paul wrote was hard to understand.

  • It was in AD 325 that the First Council of Nicaea convened where Bishops started the process of developing consistence in beliefs for the whole of Christendom.  What we think of as the Bible, or Canon of Scripture developed over the next couple of hundred years follow the First Council of Nicaea.

  • Our understanding of faith issues should be supported by the scripture.  We should exercise bible based faith and practices.

  • We should have unity in essentials and Grace in non-essentials.

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