Lost and Found

Matthew 18:1-14 & Luke 15:1-32

The Parable of the Prodigal Son is for us to understanding our Heavenly Father's longing for the lost to be redeemed.  You wonder how often the father must have looked out and down the road to see if his son was coming home.  It is a picture of our Heavenly Father's love for the lost.

Notice the changes that accompany the son's decision to return home.  First of all he came to his senses and his eyes were opened.  Upon returning home notice what he said to his earthly father.  I have sinned against heaven and you.  His repentance was in correct order; first to God and then to his father.  It is a reminder of the story in Genesis 39:9 where Joseph says how can I sin against God.

The father's response to the lost son coming home was to celebrate his return.  It is a reminder of the angels in heaven rejoicing over one sinner who repents.  The Eldest son's reaction was so much like the world's reaction to someone becoming a Christian; rejection.  The Eldest son's excuse of not having a party was lame.  At any time he wanted to he could have.  

So who was the real Prodigal Son?  Who do you and I identify with:  the one who comes home or the one who refused to rejoice with the father at the younger son returning home?


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