A Real Presence

Isaac 12:1-6, I Corinthians 11:23-32, John 6:30-42, 52-58

As one prepares for communion there are certain reminders that should be forefront in our understanding.  There is the need for self examination.  There can be some latitude in practices.  Finally, it is the presence of Christ and spiritual nourishment that must never be forgotten.

Additional Comments:

  • The real meaning of communion is about the body and blood of Christ not physical nourishment. 

  • Communion is about the fellowship of brothers and sisters.

  • There is a hallowedness about taking communion.  Can be a reminder of grace.

  • Jesus presents himself as superior.  We take Him in for spiritual nourishment.  

  • The power is not in the elements.  It is the representation of the presence of Christ via the Spirit.

It was mentioned that cults who do not believe in the incarnation also apparently reject communion


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