The Better Way

John 12:1-11, Luke 10:38-42

In the story of Mary and Martha in Luke we observe two aspects of life.  They are the active work life verses the contemplative life.  Many are so consumed by the active work life that there is no time left for contemplation.  In this story Jesus commends Mary for choosing the better thing.

Additional Comments:

  • Martha most likely felt that is was necessary for someone to prepare a meal for the guests; a nice meal.  It probably wasn't just Jesus but included his 12 disciples.  That was work and she felt Mary should be helping.  The dynamics are somewhat speculative. It was Mary's home so was she a widow?  Was Mary her sister not married?  How did it come to be that their brother Lazarus also apparently was part of the household?  We don't know for sure.

  • Mary chose to sit at the Lord's feet and listen.  That was kind of unusual for a Rabbi to be teaching with a women being part of the group.

  • The Christian life is not just a system of doing; the active work life.  It is about relationship.  It is finding time to listen to God.  We should make time in our lives to abide, being and thinking, not just always doing.

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