Who Was This Man

Psalm 118:16-29, Matthew 21:1-17

This being Palm Sunday we are reminded that all four Gospels record the event.  It is beneficial to read all four to have a fuller understanding of the events of that day and week.  It is a reminder to think about His teachings that occurred during that week, not just the Palm Sunday events.

  • He intentionally mounted the donkey

  • Horses were for kings, donkeys for commoners.

  • He asked the donkey, he didn't just take it.  It was borrowed and returned.

  • Jesus often referred to himself as the Son of Man.

  • He was called the Son of David meaning Messiah.

  • Messiah means anointed one; anointing being reserved for kings and priests.

  • His concern for the temple was that wholeness and healing is what should happen in God's house.

  • The Jews were looking for their messiah; and earthly savior and king.  Jesus was/is actually more than what they were looking for on that Palm Sunday.  He is the savior and redeemer for all mankind.

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