Words to the Wise

Ephesians 4:11-16 & 4:17-5:2, James 1:14

The letter to the Ephesians and most likely other churches is written to believers.  We have an explanation of how sin and the godless life progresses.  We also have characteristics that are part of a believers life; an increasing unity of the faith and maturity grounded in the word.


  • Paul's admonition to stop stealing is a clear indicator that they were not fully sanctified; and neither are we.  We are supposed to work with our own hands.

  • We each have our own personal fight with sin.

  • The downward spiral of the unbeliever is the result of the futility of their thinking.
    There is the hardness of heart the pursuit of sensuality.  This eventually leads to moral bankruptcy.

  • Sin always fails to deliver what it promises.  Ask yourself did it really help; no.

  • Believers are to speak the truth in love.  We must put off anger and be reconciled.  Do not sin in your anger.
    Some anger is sin - Some anger is not.

  • Do not give the devil a foot hold.  Don't use anger or let it develop into hate.

  • Our talk should be wholesome.  It should be used to build others up.

  • Put off bitterness and every form of malice.  Put on kindness and compassion.

  • If you don't see yourself as the returned prodigal it just may be that you are the older brother.



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