I John 1:1-2:1, Genesis 20:1-17

Why did Abraham call his wife his sister which was a half lie?  His son Isaac did the same, calling his wife his sister which was a whole lie?  They did it because they misjudged God's faithfulness to protect them.  They thought God wasn't in the land and wanted to save their neck.  Interesting how sin grows.  Jacob was know as the deceiver.


  • When God wants to protect he not only can but does.

  • God is concerned about sin and how it effects people.

  • God's righteous wrath needs to be appeased; and that is what Christ did.  As I John 2:2 says, He, meaning Christ, is the propitiation (substitute) for our sins to make things right with God.

  • Big sin little sin, all sin is sin.

  • Interest fact, Genesis 20:7 is the first use of the word prophet when it refers to Abraham as a prophet.

Worry Ends Where Faith Begins


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