Luke 1:46-55, 26-38, Mark 3

What does it mean when the scripture records that Mary found favor with God?  Because God looks on the heart not the the outside, God found in Mary one worthy of begin the Mother of His son Jesus.  It was the angel Gabriel who brought the news from heaven to Mary.  Gabriel bridged the gap between the two world, heaven and earth.

Interesting Observations about Mary

  • Mary was a very young women who was a virgin.  She was of a lower status in society.

  • Interestingly her cousin Elizabeth was an old women; neither one seemed like a likely choice to birth a child.

  • Mary's words of praise show significant he knowledge of the word was with a number references to scripture.  This was true even though boys were the ones who were provided with education.

  • Mary's words came from the heart not just the head.

  • Simeon's blessing included information that the Child would be the cause of the rise and fall of many in Israel.  That is still true today.  Mary certainly experienced that from the wedding at Cana to the cross at Golgotha.

Christmas is a time when we should fine a way to bring Glory to God.


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