Prayer Is Not Just For Jesus (Part 2)

Psalm 119:62-77, I Samuel 1:9-28, Exodus 33:11, Matthew 26:36-46

Hannah prayed for a son and God heard and gave a prophet Samuel.  She also had additional children.  Moses prayed for God's blessing and presence for Israel.  God spoke with Moses as a friend speaks with a friend.  Jesus our savior prayed many times; as in the garden.

Other Comments:

  • Joshua 24:2 tells us that Abram's father worshipped other God's

  • Because of a famine Abram decides to journey into Egypt. Abram's journey into Egypt included the deception of calling Sari his sister to preserve his own skin.  Genesis 20:2  Even with the deception God watched over Abram blessed him.  He got back on track.

  • For us today it is easy to get off track.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus as the great example.

Four Characteristics of Greatness

  • Very famous - Abram is considered part of the religious lineage of Christians, Jews, and Muslims

  • Very generous - Abram was generous consider how he dealt with his nephew Lot  Genesis 13:3-18

  • Man of destiny - each of us is a person of destiny

  • Man of faith - know as the father of the faithful

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