Faith (Part 3)

Psalm 139:1-18, Psalm 91:1, Genesis 13

Today continues the series on Faith as we continue to look at the life of Abram.  We observe some characteristic that are part of a life to faith.  His concern for others; in this case his nephew Lot.  He gave him first choice when it seemed best to separate.  He remember his need to worship.

When Abram left his father, he and Lot went to the land of the Canaanites and Perizzites.  It is quiet possible that they observed the quarreling that took place between Abram and Lot's servants over grazing area since both were quiet wealthy.  Abram decided that this quarreling was not good and decided that they needed to separate.  He gave his nephew, the younger of the two, the choice in which direction he would go and then Abram would go the other direction.  This was a decision that Abram made that is characteristic of a life of faith; being willing to let others have first choice know that you will end up with second choice.  However, that is what Abram did and God blessed him.  Abram also remember to worship which is another trait of a life of faith.

Life is constantly full of decisions regardless of age.  Do we weigh our decisions and think to return to home base with our eyes on the Lord.  Remember to be a man or women of faith.


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