Isaiah 60:1-6, Numbers 24:17, Malachi 1:11, Matthew 2:11, Micah 5:2 

Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas.  It is in remembrance of the visit of the Wise Men to the young child Jesus.  Epiphany can mean a sudden understanding, or a light bulb moment.  Jesus' coming to earth was not just for the Jews but the Gentiles also; all of mankind.

Comments on Isaiah 60:

  • Some of the attributes form Isaiah 60 are hopefulness, gold signifying royalty, and Israel's significance.  Today Israel's Jezreel Valley is a bread basket for many of the countries in the area.

Comments on other scriptures:

  • Numbers 24:17 - the promise

  • Malachi 1:11 - In every place my name will be great

  • Micah 5:2 - birth to be in Bethlehem

  • Matthew 2:11 - Promise fulfilled

Comments on the gifts:

  • Gold indicates presence of King - was likely a practical gift for Joseph and Mary traveling to Egypt.

  • Frankincense - incense offered in prayer.

  • Myrrh - spice fold told of death - used to preserve.

The Twelve Days of Christmas:

  • The song the Twelve Days of Christmas has been modified by some to be used as a teaching aids of some Christian facts.  Others would berate such idea.  Here is one example of what some thought were  Hidden Meanings.

Thoughts about gifts:

  • Our gifts - why is something we receive meaningful?

  • Gifts can be empowering!

  • What gifts did I give?  What did it mean?

  • For the Wise Men a huge part of their gift was coming themselves.  Remember their act was a part of God's plan.  He warned them to return a different way.

  • Draw from the Wise Men as we think about giving gfits next year.

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