The Circumcised Heart

Romans 2:1-29, Acts 7:1-60

When breaking the word circumcision into its parts, circum and cision, it means to cut around.  Circumcision as normally thought of was made with Abraham.  It was a sign of the covenant made between God and Abraham and God's promise concerning his decedents and land.

Circumcision of the heart is to cut around, and hence cut off, all those things that draw us away from God.

Other background to the life of Abraham and the present need for circumcision of the heart.

  • When we first meet the man his name is Abram meaning - exalted father.

  • Later he name was changed to Abraham meaning - father of a multitude

  • Both name occurred before Isaac his son was born.

  • The covenant between God and Abraham is recorded in Genesis 17.

  • Abrahams wife Sarai also had a name change to Sarah.

  • Abraham, by faith believed what God told him regarding the covenant and circumcision, and did what God said.  Again read Genesis 17.

  • To read a concise history from Abraham up to the beginning of the New Testament Church read Acts 7.

  • Man is without excuse for not knowing about God.  Roman 1:18-23 tells why man is without excuse.
    Romans 2 further explains this and tells of mans judgment and what circumcision of the heart means.

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