Jesus Heals

Mark 2:1-12

In the first part of the service today the Hartsfield's shared from their past experience and future goals in their oversees work.  Like state side there is the need for coordination and planning for new opportunities.  There is also need for care of mission members on the mission field.

The second part of the service was a message from Mark 2:1-12 regarding the healing of the paralytic man.  Following are points emphasis in this account:

  • This paralytic had true friends who thought enough of him to bring him to the house where Jesus was preaching.

  • Because of the crowd they took him up on the roof in order to let him down where Jesus could see him.

  • These true friends indeed exercised faith.  Jesus recognized their faith.

  • Jesus first comment to the paralytic was 'your sins are forgiven'.

  • Sin is the block to eternal security in Christ.

  • The Pharisees were right when then said only God can forgive sins.  But because of selfishness they missed that he was the Christ.

  • However, Jesus proved that he was the Son of Man by healing him.  The paralytic rose up and immediately picked up his bed walked out.  All were amazed and glorified God.


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