Prayer - The Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13

The life of Martin Luther progressed from law to a monk to a reformer.  He is well known for his 95 theses (Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of  Indulgences) which he nailed to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg.  His focus shifted from Church to the Bible.  He came to understand that Christ was the only one who could take away sin.  Additionally, he focused on the Lord's Prayer believing it to be the best prayer.

Comments on The Lord's Prayer:

  • It provides a framework for our own prayers.

  • We should prayer it often.  Praying it daily is a good idea.

  • After each phrase stop and think about it means and what it may mean to you personally.
    EX:  when you pray 'give us this day our daily bread' it is a reminder that God provides
    for all our need.  List them in your prayer - health, air, family, neighbors etc.

  • It may even be helpful to write out those things you list between each phrase.

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