The God Who Sees

 Galatians 4:21-31, Genesis 16:1-16

What happens when your name is Abram, meaning exalted father, and you are 85 years old and have no children?  Abram's wife Sarai, decided to give her maid to Abram to father a child so that he had a descendent.  Although this was not unusual at that time, it was NOT God's plan.

Consequences of this decision:

  • As a result of Sarai's decision, Hagar conceived.  Now it seems obvious, it was Sarai who could not conceive and not Abram who could not father a child.  The result was Hagar got an attitude towards her mistress. 

  • Sarai went to Abram and told him how Hagar was treating her.  He replied she is your slave do as you wish.  So Sarai treated her badly and Hagar decided to leave.

  • An Angel of the Lord found her by a spring on the way to Shur.  In conversation she explained why she left and the Angel of the Lord told her to return to Sari.  He told her she would bear a son and to name him Ishmael.  He explained other things to her regarding her son.

  • As a result of this meeting and conversation she spoke of the Lord as being the God Who Sees.

The conclusion is this:  God sees each of us.  Nothing escapes the seeing eye of God.


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