Wycliffe Mission Update

Numbers 9:1-13

In the Exodus God established a form of government know as a Theocracy.  When the people rebelled bad things happened.  A few examples would be the golden calf, Korah's Rebellion, and the false report of the 10 spies.  God desires that we seek his will before a decision. Moses instinct was to go to God to seek His will.  An example would be the daughters of Zelophehad seeking a possession in the name of their father among his brother.  Numbers 27:6 tells us the Moses brought their case before the Lord.  The Lord said the daughter request is right.

Wycliffe Mission Update:

  • Kevin shared that each of us has skills to be used for the kingdom.  His gifts and skills are in the area of language as a consultant.

  • His roles include Dictionary and Lexicography Service and Dictionary Software Consultant. 

  • He showed as an example of how the computer can help with text-parsing.  It is very rewarding to see technology used in this way.  The time to produce the scripture in a new language is much shorter.

  • He concluded by again reminding us that each has a gift that is needed in God's Kingdom.  Use that gift for His glory.

  • See I Corinthians 12:4-5.

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