Celebrating A New Life

Romans 4:13-25, Genesis 21:1-21

The birth of Ishmael to Hagar was not God's promise to Abraham.  It was the birth of Isaac by Sarah his wife that was the promise fulfilled.  Abraham loved them both.  However, the two birth created friction in the home.  This often what happens when you run before God's plan.

Similarities between Isaac and Jesus:

  • Both were promised before their birth.  

  • There was a long interval between the promise and the birth.  The coming of Jesus was promised much longer before His birth then that of Isaac..

  • The announcement seemed impossible to both Sarah and Mary.

  • Both were named before being born.

  • Their birth came at the appointed time.

  • Both birth were miraculous.

  • Both were the joy of their father.

  • Both were obedient to their father, even until death.

Isaac was a picture of the resurrection of Christ.


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