Finding the Kingdom of God

Matthew 6:19-34

In order to find the kingdom of God you must understand the you can't separate the kingdom and righteousness.  The natural man has the mind of the flesh which is laying up treasures on earth.  The spiritual man gets to the point where sin doesn't interest you but righteousness does.

Additional Comments:

  • When you trust resources you don't trust God.

  • When you pray thy kingdom come thy will be done you are saying let your kingdom take over my kingdom.

  • Four places where you can find the kingdom:

    • is in nature

    • is in his law - (10 commandments)

    • is in the gifts of the Spirit - (The mark of the spirit is the abundance of output compared to the amount of input.)

    • is the fruit of the Spirit - (Fruit is the characteristic that everyone can have.)
      Regarding the characteristic of love - is it to take care of or to consume?

  • Grace makes you active.

  • Practice the presences of God.

What is the kingdom of God?  It is God in action.


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