Luke 14:7-14, Philippians 2:1-11, Matthew 18, Psalm 131

Humility is an attitude in our heart.  It is a Christian virtue.  God rewards humility but trying in get it forfeits it.  Moses was a meek/humble man.  Numbers 12:3.  He may not fit our idea of humility until you understand that humility is not thinking less of ourselves but not thinking of ourselves.  Consider the following:  when the children of Israel made a golden calf God's anger was hot and he threaten to destroy his people.  It was then that Moses plead for God's reputation, not his own.  We also learn in Exodus 32 that Moses ask that his name be blotted out, but God say no.  Beautiful examples of concern for others not self.

Other comments about Humility:

  • Humility is recognizing who we are and who God is.  God is big we are small.

  • Humility is being Christ like.

  • Humility is child like.

  • The opposite of humility is pride.

  • Pride is to be your own god.

  • Pride is conceited.

  • God opposes the proud and give grace to the humble.  James 4:6

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