Blessings of Revival

Scriptures from II Chronicles and II Kings - Hezekiah Revival

Spiritual revival is like the breaking up of fallow ground.  The ground became hard and was taken out of production.  Revival is bringing the land back into production.  Spiritual revival is taking that which became unproductive for kingdom work and making it Spiritually productive again.  For the believer revival is daily, it is every moment.  Revival is a constant blessing that compels us to be productive.  

Characteristics of Revival:

Revival is the result of several characteristics.  There is the recognition of the moral decay and despair in the present. That recognition is followed by repentance, renewal and genuine worship.  Part of that process calls for the confession of sins that have been concealed both private and public.  If the sins are private then confess them to God.  If they are public, then confess them to God first followed by public acknowledge.  Every sin needs to be confessed to God first.  Freedom from sin provides opportunity to serve.

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