Matthew 2:1-12, Psalms 72:1-7, 10-14, 17, Isaiah 60:1-6

Epiphany is God revealing to the world that Jesus Christ is God's son.  Epiphany 2020 is January 6, 2020, or 12 days after we celebrate his birth.  Some focus on the Magi coming from the east in search of the birth of the King of the Jews.  Some on Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist. See Matthew 3:13-17.  The coming of Jesus was foretold in the Old Testament.

Coming of Messiah:

  • Often the prophets did not exactly understand what they were saying when they gave prophetic utterances.

  • In the Psalm 72 portions we have reference to justice, righteousness, concern for the poor, deliverance of the children of the needy.  The reference to all kings falling down before him to serve him.  That this king last forever and all nations call him blessed.  Who but King Jesus could this be.

  • An additional part of this Paul tells us about in Ephesians 3:1-13.  He explains the mystery of the gospel and how the gentiles are grafted into the family of God.

  • Yes the Messiah has come!  Yes the grafting in of the gentiles has occurred!  We wait for the return of Jesus and his kingship!

Additional comments about Magi and the Star:

  • Notice the sequence of the Magi.  They came seeking, they worshipped, and they gave gifts. 

  • It is interesting that Herod believed the Magi and he acted on the belief.  However, the chief priest knew where Jesus was to be born but apparently did not believe the Magi and did not act.  Think about it.

  • The star that the Magi followed was a certainty.  Exactly what that certainty we are not sure.

    • Was it a the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in possibly the constellation of Pisces?

      • Some believe Pisces has special significance for Israel.

      • Jupiter and Saturn sometimes have important religious meanings.

    • Was it a comet?

    • Was it something totally supernatural?

  • Matthew 2:9 tells us the star stopped or came to rest over the house where Jesus was.  This certainly indicates something supernatural.  Whatever the situation was there was sufficient information to find the baby Jesus.

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