God the God of the Second Chance

Hebrews 11:23-29

Today's message was highlights from the story of Moses starting in Exodus and ending in Deuteronomy.  One of the first things we learn is the account of him being placed in a basket and then being taken in by Pharaoh's daughter; yet his own mother took care of him.  At age 40 we find Moses apparently identifying with his own people in the killing of the Egyptian.  To what extent he may have felt called to deliver his own people we do not know but it end abruptly.  He fled to Midian.  There he begins the next third of his life tending sheep.  After 40 years, at about age 80, God speaks to him in the burning bush and wants him to go back to Egypt to deliver his people out of Egypt.  Moses did not want to but finally consented.  He went back and God delivered His people out of Egypt under Moses leadership.  Moses spent the next 40 years leading God's people in the wilderness experience.  During those 40 years God used Moses to prepare His people to go into the promise land.


There are some indications that Moses might have felt called and wanted to intervene for God's chosen people who were slaves in Egypt.  In other words Moses was ready but God wasn't.  After 40 more years God was ready but Moses wasn't; at least  he didn't think so.  The next 40 years shows that God's timing resulted in the right man for the job of leading His people out of Egypt into the edge of the promise land.


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