Psalm 139

Psalm 139:1-24

Psalm 139 is a beautiful opportunity to refresh what the words omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience mean.  The prefix omni means all.  Put that together with the words presence, potence, and science and you have that God is everywhere, all powerful, and knows all.

Psalm of David:

This Psalm of David is his acknowledgement that God knows everything he does.  He understands that God directs his ways.  God even knows the words that he will speak before they are on his tongue or thought of.  Know matter where he goes God sees where he is.  You can not hide from God.  It was God who made him in the womb of his mother.  Knowing how awesome God is, is it any wonder that  Dave aligns himself with those of like mind rather than those who reject God.

We to should affirm the characteristics that David expressed as true for us.  It is not only beneficial to acknowledge these facts but to think on them.  To align ourselves with like minded persons is just natural.

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