John 6:47-59 & 13:1-17

Communion is the 'common union of believers'.  What is the real meaning of partaking of the bread that represents the flesh of Christ and the cup which represents the shed blood?  The heart of the meaning is believing.  As we mediate on the emblems we will live and grow in Christ.


  • Footwashing is an literal outward expression to help one remember to practice this attitude daily.  As we daily in life wash one another's feet, either figuratively or literally, we should be reminded that there is only one master.

  • Footwashing is the ongoing need of cleansing from attitudes of the world.

  • Footwashing should reinforce that all brothers and sisters are equal before the cross of Christ.

  • Finally, consider the master's admonition in John 13:14-17; we should also wash one another's feet and there will be a blessing if you do this.

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