Culling the Kingdom

John 6:43-71

No one comes to the Father unless the Father draws us and pulls as along by the Holy Spirit.  Confessing Christ is not a cold hearted decision based on benefits.  One might ask is the pull resistible?  It is predestination?  The fact is when he calls and we accept we remain his.

How Jesus Culls the Kingdom:

  • Why does Christ push this literal understanding of his body being the bread; this bread is my flesh?

  • When he said and did this he was his with his disciples at the last supper; his literal body was still intact.

  • The same can be said about the claims of the cup being the blood.

  • His description of bread and wine being the body and blood is shocking and antagonistic.  However, those who understand, (read again John 6:53-59), feed on the bread that came down from heaven; unlike the manna that came down from heaven which would spoil.  This provides life forever.

  • For those who did not understand and were offended were being culled.

  • Those who following for the bread, like the feeding of the five thousand, left him when he transitioned to the bread of life.  Again it was a culling process.

  • It was the non-serious who were leaving.

  • For some they learned - believed - and stayed.  They are the one who God turns sinful and evil into what is good.

  • God turns the cross into a symbol of victory.

  • God chose to redeem us with all of our faults, he lives in us by his spirit and so we will live eternally with him.  This is the Easter story again.

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