John 7

John 7:1-52, Leviticus 23:33-44

The teaching in John Chapter 7 take place around one of the feast days know as the Feast of Booths.  It was a remind that the children of Israel dwelt in booths when God brought them out of Egypt.  This chapter in John contain several truths regarding Jesus' ministry here on earth.

Truths from John 7:

  • When Jesus speaks it is from God above.

  • The authority with which he speaks is not his but God's authority.

  • We see in this chapter the desire of the Jews to take Jesus and kill him.  However, it was not in God's timing to be taken as that moment so therefore God totally protected him.  He placed a veil of protection around him.

  • The key verse is John 7:38.  Those who believe in Jesus, out of their heart will flow streams of living water.  This stream of living water is the spirit.

Have you accepted this living water?  If so it will show.


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