Woman Taken in Adultery

John 7:53 - 8:11

The timing and nature of this account seems consistent with a made up situation.  It was a trap designed to pit him against the law of Moses and the Roman government.  The Jewish leaders saw it as a binary choice.  No matter which side he took he would lose favor with the people.

Highlights From This Encounter:

  • To blame only her was faulty according to the law.  Where was the man.  There was no mention of the one who caught her.  The one who caught her was to throw the first stone.

  • Jesus avoided the trap of her accusers by saying nothing but instead writing in the sand.  It is the only time in the scriptures that it is recorded that he wrote and we don't know what it was that he wrote.  It is possible and seems probable that he was writing the sins of the accusers.

  • Notice that they began to leave starting with the eldest.  The older ones were more likely to recognize their own failings.

  • God wrote with his finger on stone and gave us the law.  Jesus wrote with his finger in the sand.

  • God's laws are permanent.   Man's sins can be forgiven, wiped away as though they never were.  It is our choice.

  • Notice that Jesus didn't overlook her sins.  He told her in John 8:11 "Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more."

  • Forgiveness leads to repentance.

  • Summary:

    • When Christ offers forgiveness he calls for repentance.

    • The Wisdom of Christ.  No one traps Jesus.  He knows your heart and intentions.  You can't fake righteousness to Jesus.

    • We should fear legalism.  These lawyers used the law to feel superior to other people.  It make them proud.  Legalism means you can earn favor with God by good works.  It leads to pride and that makes you critical and condemning.  Pride is a sin and pride is just as carnal as sexual sin.

    • Christ loves sinners.  This story shows an authentic picture of Christ.

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