Abide With Me

I John 3:16-24, John 15:5-25

Because of the urgency for Jesus to get to Jerusalem, it is quiet possible that the teachings of John 15 were given on a night trip by full moon on the way to Jerusalem (John 14:31).  Passover occurred at full moon.  The concept of the indwelling of a spirit is NOT accepted by the world.  Chapter 14 is about God in us and chapter 15 we in Him.

Pruning - taking clues from earthly examples

  • It is a spiritual process that occurs in each one of us.  The question is can you recognize the pruning.

  • The pruning process is a form of cleansing.

  • Some branches are cut off and cast into the fire.  Examples might be apostates or Judas.

  • The pruner prunes in such a way to get the desired fruit.  It is not necessarily quantity.  Pruning may occur for size.

  • Pruning is painful but the desire is better fruit.  Thinning tends to produce more.  It is a case where less is more.

  • If we are teachable, and we should be, God's word will correct us.


  • Keeping His commandment results in abiding in His love.

  • It is love that makes joy complete, not legalism.

  • Christ's love is demonstrated by action, not just feelings.  

  • The greatest love is to lay down ones life for a friend.  For Jesus this would very soon.

The World

  • We as Christians are to be separate from the world; not isolated from the world.

  • The world will hate and hatred leads to persecution.

  • Hearing Christ message makes us responsible to accept or reject.  Therefore, to hear is to increase out guilt if we reject the message.

Love is the mark of the church.


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