Continuation of the Gospel of John -
Christ Calling His Disciples

John 1:35-51

The Gospel of John touches on the Mystery of Jesus, not just the History of Jesus.  Notice it was Andrew who told his brother Simon about Jesus.  Andrew may also be the one who told John about Jesus.  All three are called disciples.  However, Peter and John are more prominent.

Points to Ponder:

  • John the Baptist wasn't building up himself

  • When Jesus turned to the two and said what do you want he was trying to get them evaluate their motivation.  Their response about where are you staying was a pragmatic question about support.

  • Notice that after Jesus called Phillip he then went and told Nathanael to come and see.

  • Nathanael asked if anything good can come out of Nazareth.

  • You learn by what you see, however seeing is not equal to believing like a yes/no switch.  We are in control of the switch.

  • Jesus said of Nathanael that he was an Israelite in whom there was no deceit or guile.  Jesus then shared how he saw Nathanael before Phillip even called him.

  • Jesus then invited them to get ready for an exciting journey.

  • Nathanael is believed to be Bartholomew, the disciple.

Christ's Calling:

  • When Jesus invited the disciples to follow him it was the being of a journey down the dusty roads of Palestine.  He was setting an example of what it means to disciple another.  This was the journey that lead to them accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives after the resurrection.

  • Today is much the same.  There is often a process that leads to the moment of salvation.  Indeed, discipling should be part of every new believers experience of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life.

  • God's work of grace for some is as different as day and night.

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