The Week Before

Philippians 2:5-11, John 12:12-50

At the Triumphal Entry Jesus intentionally identifies as the Christ.  He accepts their praise even though he knew in a few days the same crowd would turn against him.  Initially, his disciples did not understand what was happening.  However, after the resurrection they connected the dots.  We also find that there were Greeks present and Jesus took time to answer them.  This was a foreshadowing of a broad welcome; both Jews and Gentiles.

Jesus was troubled in his soul regarding the coming crucifixion BUT purposed to glorify God.  This was followed by a sound that some thought was thunder while others thought an angel spoke.  Jesus answered that it was a voice.  We must not forget that what He was about to face was more than the cruel death on the cross like the two who were crucified with him.  Additionally, he would bear the sins of all people for all time.  It is something we can't imagine.  The cross appeared to Satan to be a win.  But he did not understand.  After the resurrection Satan realized that he lost big time.  It shows us that Satan's deception is limited.

In the remaining part of this chapter we see John, the author of the book showing that God's spirit gives power,  Jesus is God, and that Christ is the Messiah.


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