The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-20

In the first part of this chapter Jesus talks about his own authority.  Jesus is the real and only savior.  He gives warnings regarding false christs.  Those who follow Jesus and are believers and are often compared to sheep.  Sheep need a rightful leader and we need to be followers.

Characteristics of the Shepherd and the sheep:

  • The Good Shepherd knows the sheep.

  • The Good Shepherd leads by example.

  • The Good Shepherd is not a hireling; a fill in.

  • The Sheep know the voice of the master.

  • The Sheep don't like the voice of a stranger or the unfamiliar.

  • The Sheep need to obey the voice of the master and the Holy Spirit.

John 10:14 is simple and profound.  It is the truth.  Listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd.  His leading is to green pastures.


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