Tribute to Jesus' Mother

John 2:1-5 & 19:25-27, Mark 3:20-21, Luke 1:28-38

Some of Jesus' last breath was devoted to the care of his mother to the disciple John.  Mary was not divine or sinless but awesome.  Mary, a servant of the Lord.  She accepted God's will and  treasured the things she heard in her heart.  At the wedding in Cana she affirmed her belief in Jesus.  She may have felt that sometimes it take a little push.

Sometimes a mother may feel like it takes a little push.  That may have explained her action at the wedding when they ran out of wine.  At other times mothers feel they need to protect.  This may explain the action in Mark 3:20-21.

One thinks of the expression the greater the love the greater the loss Jesus' mother was present at his crucifixion.  We must not forget the God is faithful and will be with you.  


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